Club Contacts

Refer to your TRead magazine for contact details for those without email links or contact the secretary.

Committee Members
President Neville Bowden 0419 004 283
Vice-President Laurie Bromley
Secretary John Whittaker [Email]
Treasurer Lorraine Mooring
Competition Brett Gillies
Pointscore James Rose
Regalia Ian Barker
Social Lawrie Placing & Geoff Batty
Membership Fran Bromley
Other Office Bearers
Club Contact Steve Rolston 0411 755 758
Hunter Contact David Walshe 0409 885 342
Editor Bill Revell [Email]
Magazine Distribution Allan Wright
Librarian Graham Harrold
Vehicle Registrar
Lorraine Mooring
Club Plates
Norbert Nieuwenhuizen
Ecurie Triumph
Geoff Byrne
Paul Cooper [Email]
Marque Representatives
TR2/3/3A Roger Gates / Allan Wright
TR4/4A Grant Rawling / Bruce North
TR5/6 Geoff Byrne / Grant Rawling / Ernie Schmatt
TR7 Owen Russell / Grant Turnbull
TR8 Kerry Siegel
Spitfire John O’Neill / James Rose
GT6 Rod Chivas / Gary Skerritt
Stag Lindsay Day / John Stokes
Herald Ian Lovi
Saloons Mal McFarlane
Dolomite Howard Glinn
Club Delegates
CAMS Ken Peters
CSCA Paul Cooper / Brett Gillies
CMC Norbert Nieuwenhuizen
All British John O’Neill
All Triumph Race Howard Glinn




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