CSCA Round 7 – TSOA_WP_21 Oct

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Dear Members,
Below is a message from our Competition Director Brett Gilles inviting you all to support our Round 7 of the Combined Sports Car Assoc. (CSCA) Super Sprint at Wakefield Park Goulburn on Sunday 21st October.
Max participation is really needed and it doesn’t matter which car you bring or enter.
The event is run under a AASA permit so even non member friends can enter the event.
Also the more the merrier with volunteers to help with paperwork/scrutineering/marshalling. Let Brett know if you can help out or wish to have a run with us.
Best regards,
John Whittaker
—– Forwarded message —– From: Brett Gilles <> To: TSOA Competition Members <> Sent: Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 9:05:08 pm AEST Subject: CSCA Round 7 – TSOA_WP_21 Oct
Hi Team,
Well, the time has come for us to host our round of this year’s CSCA SS Series. Attached is the Invitation Letter that contains the entry link and the Supp Regs.
Unfortunately, this year some of the CSCA rounds have not been well supported and two of the clubs have made substantial losses on their events with another just breaking even. We can’t afford to be another one of those clubs as we have very limited funds. This is one of the few events the club holds each year that can make us some extra income if well supported. The committee therefore asks as many of you as possible to enter this event even if you are not a regular competitor. Come along and have some fun in any one of your cars….doesn’t have to be a Triumph. The more entered will earn us maximum points and of course help ensure we have a successful event.
This years event doesn’t clash with any other racing event so I look forward to seeing a nice big TSOA contingent at WP on the 21st. Be good to show the other clubs we have a big team. Any queries please email me.
Regards, Brett Gilles Mob: 0410 511 630 e:<>

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