Dear Member,

Just a reminder that club protocol for joining runs is to log in with the organiser as early as possible. The organiser and phone number is listed on the calendar of events in TRead.

Best regards,

John Whittaker


From our Social Coordinator Geoff Batty:

This Saturday’s Run to the Bradman Museum in Bowral will be with great weather and will definitely conclude with lunch at ‘The Scottish Arms’ Pub.  Word has it one of our members attending the run has played on same hallowed turf as a fast bowler a short……. while back.  See page 18 current issue of TRead for details to join the run. 

The Go Kart Day is planned for Sunday 11th November and will be at Eastern Creek. Details to appear soon.

The Christmas Party will be upon us before you can blink – Saturday 01 December. Please help us with planning and get your tickets ordered asap.  Don’t wait till the deadline!  Details page 20 TRead.