Urgent TSOA NSW Membership Renewal Reminder

Dear Member,

The New Year has started and the renewal of your registration with the TSOA NSW club is now over due.  It is now vital you re-register if you have a Conditional / Historic Vehicle Registration. If you still need to renew, please do so online as soon as possible.  The key concern is that if you are involved in an accident with your historic or conditional registered vehicle, the insurance and registration may be voided.

Membership Year is calendar year 1-January to 31-December. Discounted fees may apply if joining in the latter part of the year – please feel free to inquire.

Membership is paid in advance as it is a requirement for the NSW Conditional (Historic / Classic) Registration Scheme and includes CAMS affiliation and insurance.

To renew online:

Search   tsoansw.com

Click on ‘Membership Renewal’
Use the link here:  http://tsoansw.com/membership/

Follow the prompts and pay by either direct deposit or cheque via the mail. 

Please also complete the vehicle details page and submit everything at the same time.


Message from Norbert.

Get back to me if any problems occur.
Norbert Nieuwenhuizen <norbertvdn@gmail.com&gt;


Best regards,

Guy Langford
List A-L
TSOA NSW Secretary