Euro Motorfest Sunday at Newcastle 16-06-2019

Dear TSOA(NSW) members,
just a quick reminder for the Euro Motorfest event at Newcastle this Sunday (16th June 2019).   Please meet at the old toll gate at Berowra at 07:00 am for travel up the M1 motorway to Wharf Road Newcastle.
Please contact Geoff Batty to nominate for this event before Sunday.

please find below reminders and links for TSOA activities / website / magazine etc.

warm regards

Guy Langford
Secretary TSOA(NSW)

Please do not pass this email onto non-members of the TSOA(NSW)

* The TSOA(NSW) Monthly General Meeting is held on the second Tuesday of every month at the Carlingford Bowling Club, 7:00 for a 7:30pm start. 
* Dinner (and drinks) are also available at the club prior to the meeting at club prices, with a discount for Carlo Club members.
* Other events are advertised on our Facebook page here >link< or our webpage here >link<
* Access to the TRead magazine is available online for current members only at this link >TRead<
* Remember to renew your membership if you have a Historic or Conditional registered car, the club membership is essential for these types of registration  If you need re-join go to the application page here >link<
* Our banking details are listed here if you wish to pay by EFT, please label all payments with your name / purpose, thanks.  Westpac Bank || Acc Name TSOA || BSB: 032081 || Acc No. 910909